Staff for 2019-20

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher:                        Mrs  Leanne Stewart

Depute Headteacher:          Mr Ross Maunder

Principal Teacher:             Ms Melanie Knox

Administrative Staff  Mrs K Fairclough; Mrs J Faldon,

Class Teachers

P1A Mrs S Fettes
P1B Miss C Allan / Mrs L Thompson
P2 Miss V Garven
P2/3 Miss Z Lunn
P3 Miss E Webster
P4A Mrs J Flockhart
P4B Miss S Wallace
P5 Miss S Devaney
P5/6 Mrs L Davidson
P6A Mrs N Trafford
P6/7 Miss E Turnbull
P7 Ms M Knox


Curriculum Support Teacher

Miss R Pick (PE)

Enhanced Learning Team

 Mrs L Lewis (SfL), Mrs A Locke (PEF)

Additional Needs Assistants

Mrs A Nevin, Mrs T Robertson, Mr I Murray, Miss S Patterson

Mrs P Hamilton, Mrs K Dixon,  Mrs M McCraw,

Berwickshire Support Centre

Principal Teacher

Mrs J Marshall

Class Teachers

Mrs L Freeland Cook

Mrs E Mcllroy

Miss S Turnbull (Language and Communication)

Additional Needs Assistants

Mrs  J Abbott, Mrs K Sinclair, Mrs C Ranger, Mrs S Benson

Speech and Language Therapist

Lisa McMillan, Mrs J Nayak

Nursery Staff

Early Years Officer

Mrs D Watson 

Early Years Practitioners

Mrs L Powner, Mrs S Clark, Mrs C Gilchrist, Mrs C Jack, Miss L Weatherburn, Miss A Middlemis

Modern Apprentice

Miss L Scott

School Janitor

Mr W Young

Playground Supervisors

Mrs K Dixon, Ms N Marshall

Instrumental Instructors

Mr G Kennedy (Brass), Mr S Johnson (Violin), Mrs J Warren (Cello)

Catering Staff

School Cook: Mr P Hodson

Kitchen Assistants: Mrs D Chisholm, Mrs L Clark, Mrs A Ray

School Cleaners

Ms N Marshall, Mrs D Chisholm, Mrs L Welldon, Mrs K Simpson

Working in Partnership With

Active Schools Coordinator: Miss M O’Brien

Inclusion and Wellbeing Teacher:  Mrs F Ferguson

EAL Teacher: Mrs L Scarpa

Education Psychologist:  Mrs W Barrow

Locality Police Officer:  PC Sharon Lackenby

Quality Improvement Leads: Miss G Mckenzie, Mrs G Frew

School Nurse:  Mrs R Skinner

FDPS Chair Person:  Fiona Lawson

Local Authority

Chief Officer- Education:  Ms Michelle Strong

Service Director – Children and Young People:  Mr S Easingwood