Education Scotland Inspection

HM Inspectors from Education Scotland will be visiting us to conduct an inspection of our school during the week commencing Monday 20th May. In the absence of Mrs Stewart Mr Maunder and Miss Foy will be leading the school through the inspection process. We are looking forward to the opportunity for our children, staff, parents and the community to share the work of our school with our visitors. You can find out more about inspection, from the Inspection and review documentation pages of Education Scotland’s website.

As part of the inspection, Inspectors gather the views of stakeholders via an online survey which is available from the following links.

The online survey for parents/carers is:

The online survey for parents in (Early learning and childcare settings):

We would like to encourage you to complete the survey. Please note that when completing the survey you are unable to go back once you have completed each section. Inspectors will also be meeting with groups of parents during the inspection so to be part of that discussion you should complete the survey with additional links provided to indicate your interest in taking part.

You should complete the survey by Friday 10th May for one child or for each of your children in attendance in both Nursery and in school. Should you require any support or need access to the survey please contact the school office who will be happy to advise and arrange a time for you to come in to school where we will provide assistance.