Border Primary Schools Badminton Championships

Good luck to our badminton players who are competing in the Border Primary Schools Badminton Championships on Saturday 8th February at BHS.

Being on TV by Kirsten and Jade –

Being on TV was a great experience. When the TV crew came in we felt nervous and exited at the same time. We were quite relaxed when the TV crew was filming because as it was advertised for over 60s we thought we wouldn’t be filmed. We had to practice three dances but we thought it was just a practice filming because that is what they told us but it turned out that it was for real! After the dances they told us to do the Cumberland reel but they only wanted the arch so we ended up just doing the arch not the whole dance.

When some adults were doing the arch the news reporter was walking through the arch. She walked through saying her lines and her name was Hannah. It was hard to believe that we were going to be on TV but it was true!  After the dances the reporter Hannah and the camera man were walking round interviewing people. This news report was for over 60s so we didn’t think we would be interviewed so we were really surprised when the people came over to us.

They asked us our names and how to spell them then they asked us why we liked dancing. We replied with ‘it is fun and something to do and it keeps you fit as well’. Then we knew we would be on television so we were really nervous but really excited too! This was an amazing experience that we will never forget!