To support the school’s aims and to enable pupils to achieve high standards, a carefully structured and balanced curriculum is followed.  However, in order to meet the needs of a fast changing society all aspects of school life are continuously reviewed and developed. Through ongoing self evaluation, involving parents/carers, pupils and other stakeholders, we compile an annual School Improvement Report 2015 / 16  (SIR) which helps to identify priorities for the coming session and beyond. We then use the SIR to formulate a School Improvement Plan 2016 (SIP), which details the developments required over the course of the year in order to ensure the identified improvements are addressed.

Teaching staff have a Working Time Agreement 2016 / 17 (WTA) which is also compiled annually and identifies the amount of time allocated to meetings, training, and activities to address the school’s priorities, in addition to time given for planning and preparation. The hours form the basis of an Collegiate Agreement Time Calendar 2016 / 17 which ensures teaching staff devote the agreed time to development and planning work. There is flexibility within the agreement for staff to choose when and where they work; by holding meetings after school Mon-Thurs instead of a Friday afternoon, for example. In addition, teaching staff undertake 35 hours professional development work which is agreed on an individual basis at their Professional Review and Development meetings.