Bikeability 1 aims to ensure pupils can balance properly, control their bikes and make turns. We usually have a healthy uptake amongst our P5 pupils, and completion of Bikeability 1 is now a requirement for anyone wishing to participate in Bikeability 2.  Our pupils hone their skills with our dedicated team of parent volunteers. A variety of drills are used in the traffic-free environment of our playground and the course culminates in an afternoon negotiating an obstacle course!

Bikeability 2 picks up where Bikeability 1 left off, developing young cyclists’ skills on the road. Road awareness and safety are key to this course, where pupils learn about navigating junctions and dealing with traffic in a risk-assessed area. Bikeability 2 sessions will normally commence after the summer holidays with the new Primary 7s. Mr Liddington is now certified as our school Cycle Trainer and, with the help of our parent volunteers, he is leads this road-based course.