All Children achieve their very best


Respect, Responsibility, Achievement, Inclusion

Our Key Drivers

Learning for Sustainability

  • Rights and values-based education
  • Local identity and heritage v global citizenship
  • Improving attainment and achievement of all
  • Health and well-being
  • Critical thinking and political literacy
  • Biodiversity and tackling climate change
  • Social justice and Fair Trade
  • Outdoor learning and contact with nature
  • Peace and conflict
  • Developing and learning skills for life and work

Principles for Curriculum Design:

  • challenge and enjoyment
  • breadth
  • progression
  • depth
  • personalisation and choice
  • coherence
  • relevance

Ideal Learning in Duns PS happens when:

  • Children lead their own learning
  • Children are actively involved
  • Opportunities are given to work independently and collaboratively
  • Children are engaged and purposeful
  • Learning is experiential and active
  • We use the natural environment and outdoors whenever possible
  • Learning provides challenge and is differentiated
  • We nurture the whole child

We promote a ‘growth mindset’ through our Learning Powers

Direct your attention and concentrate

Use your imagination

Notice and be curious

Success through error

Persevere-don’t give up

Strive to improve